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Revised Sept. 2023

The league is open to all females, 18 years of age and older, of amateur status, not on any signed roster or eligibility list at any school, post secondary institution or club program.

All OVA Volleyball rules will apply with the following exceptions.

If the ball comes into contact with any overhanging obstacle (above and inside the court area only), excluding light fixtures, it will be considered a re-serve. Once the ball is in play, all obstacles are out of bounds.

Forfeits and Defaults

* Each team must have six (6) players on the court in order to play a match. If there are not six players at the start of each match, the first game is forfeited. If there are not six players for the second game, ten minutes after the scheduled starting time, the match is defaulted. If both teams are late, it is considered a forfeit/default for each team. If there are 5 players present at game time, the team must play, unless the 5 player matches have already been used.

Each team will be permitted three 5 player matches in one season, including play-offs. At any point during a match, a team playing with 5 players will be credited with a 5 player match. After that point, * above is in effect.

If a team defaults once, they lose half their default fee; after a second default, they lose the second half of the default fee. If a team defaults three times in a schedule, they will not be eligible to participate in any further games. Three points will be awarded to the team scheduled to play the expelled team. Any expelled team is not entitled to any refund in monies paid for entry or default fees.

Substitutions may be made in either way:
i) rotate into sixth position
ii) substitute position for position (only 12 substitutions per set permitted)

When the receiving team has gained the right to serve, its players must rotate one position clockwise.

The referee must be advised before the beginning of the first set, which method the team chooses and this cannot be changed during the match (3 sets). In case of injury, method 2 may be used.

The score sheet MUST be signed by each member of the team before the start of the match. If a player is late, she must wait until the next set.

JUDGEMENT CALLS BY THE REFEREE ARE FINAL! The captain is the only one to approach the referee.

Rule clarification may be protested as per the constitution. Other team members approaching or being disrespectful to the referee will be given a warning by the referee and if they do not heed this warning, they could be prevented from further play.

Referees are requested to report any team misconduct to the Officials Co-Ordinator.

Enjoy the game and PLEASE respect the referees’ decisions!!

Action of playing the ball with a kicking motion. This action will be considered within the rulebook guidelines of “Actions of playing the ball”. This will be a judgement call by the official. The action of playing the ball must be considered a controlled kick. If the kick is not considered controlled, the play will be stopped, other team is award the point and gain serve if they do not currently have serve. – Exception to the rule will be if the ball is played off the foot while the foot is in contact with the floor.
– This rule is being added for the safety of all members of the same team as well as the opposing team. No opposing player is allowed to block or spike a serve.

The ball may contact any part of the body.

Contact with the net is a fault only when the action of playing the ball is in the front zone. (Incidental net contact is a fault only when the player is in the act of playing the ball).

All matches will be rally point. The best two out of three sets will win the match. The first two sets will run to 25 points and each set must be won by two points. The third set is played to 15 points but also must be won by two points.

In the event of a split, each team will be awarded 1 point per set won. In the event of a two game sweep, the winning team will receive 3 points.

A player must attend at least 5 regular season matches to qualify as a team member and be eligible for playoffs.

If a team defaults more than twice in the schedule, they will be disqualified from the playoffs and league tournaments.


Revised Aug 2019

Proper and safe attire is to be worn during games.  This includes shirts, shorts/pants/leggings, and clean indoor running shoes. Not wearing proper running shoes is not acceptable, and any players without running shoes will be considered illegal players.

NO CHILDREN UNDER 12 ALLOWED AT LEAGUE GAMES because of insurance purposes. The match will not begin until the child under 12 (supervised or not) is removed. Default rules apply.

Teams playing the first game will put up the net and referee stand. Both teams playing the last match will take down the equipment. All equipment must be put back in its original place.

All winter boots and dirty shoes are to be removed at the door, BEFORE entering the gyms. Please keep dressing rooms, gyms and halls clean. Our cooperation is important for future use of these gyms.

Absolutely no smoking or drinking on school property.

Please remember there is no food or drink allowed in the gym except for water bottles. Please have a look around the benches when leaving and take anything that may belong to us.

Should a Division share a double gym, after Christmas they will switch. This ensures both will have the opportunity to play on the stage side in alternate years.

First Aid – Each team is responsible for their own first aid kit

The executive is requesting all captain’s/contacts cooperation in keeping all team members informed throughout the season about meetings, events, rules and regulations changes and locker combinations.  If you, the captain, are unable to attend a meeting, advise your team and send another representative.  Please inform all team members that a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws is available on the website

Notify the Vice of your division and the captain of the team you will be playing if your team will be defaulting any matches whenever possible.

Your cooperation is essential in order for us to obtain future use of gyms. Should any member of this league be found disobeying any rules, they will be suspended from any further participation in our league.