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The Constitution


The name of the association shall be called the “NORTH BAY LADIES VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE” and shall be referred to, here in after, as the “league”.


The objectives of the league shall be:

  1. a) to provide recreational volleyball to females, 18 years of age and older.
    b) to create a feeling of fun and satisfaction among the members of the league.


  1. The league is open to all females, 18 years of age and older, of amateur status, not on any signed roster or eligibility list at any school, post secondary institution, or club program.
  2. The number of teams accepted into the league will be left to the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  3. Teams of the previous season shall be given preference when applications are considered by the Executive Committee, PROVIDING ENTRY IS SUBMITTED PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE DATE. Folded and expelled teams will be considered as NEW TEAMS entering the league. Any existing teams requesting a division change will be given preference over any new teams.
  4. If any existing teams, consisting of qualified players, split to form new teams, entry will be determined in the following manner:
    1. i) Regardless of sponsorship, the majority of eligible players from the previous team now forming the new team would be given first priority.
    2. ii) A player must be eligible for playoffs in order to be considered when determining the majority of former players on new teams under Article III, 9
  5. Vacancies created by non-returning teams may be filled by any new teams comprised of existing players, commencing the first day of league registration.
  6. Teams moving up or down to a different division would be given, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, the option of staying in their original division to accommodate any division reorganization.
  7. Any existing team wishing to change divisions may request to move up one division only and provide written dated signed notice of this request to the Executive with their application. This request must include signatures of six team members of the previous season and these six players must be team members for the season being applied for.
  8. Any new team entering the league may enter in the division they so desire, providing there is an opening in that division. Entry will be considered on a first come, first served basis, up to the maximum teams allowed, commencing the first day of league registration.
  9. A player must attend at least 5 regular season games to qualify as a team member and be eligible for playoffs. If a registered roster player is returning to a team due to a medical reason (i.e. having a baby) this player will be allowed to play in the remainder of the season games, including playoffs, even if there are less than 5 regular season games left. A player added to a team’s roster under Bylaw II d) will be eligible to play in the playoffs if her team does not have 5 games left, but she plays in all their remaining games. If her team has 5 games or more, she will be required to play in the standard 5 games.
  10. Each player is responsible for printing and signing their name on the score sheet before the match begins. If a player is late, she must wait until the next set before signing the score sheet and beginning play. A player who arrives after the second set has begun is still eligible to participate in the third set.


  1. The Executive of the league shall consist of:
  2. 1.President
    2. Vice President “A”
    3. Vice President “B”
    4. Vice President “C”
    5. Vice President “D”
    6. Vice President “E”
    7. Vice President “F”
    8. Secretary
    9. Treasurer
    10. Website Coordinator
    11. Statisticians – 3 AB, CD, EF
    12. Officials Coordinator
    13. Past President/Advisor (in lieu of Past President)
  3. The League Membership, will be comprised of the Executive listed in Article IV, 2) plus one representative (team captain or team contact) from each team complying with Article III, 2.
  4. All Executive members shall be elected annually by a majority vote of the members present at the General Meeting of the league held at the conclusion of the season.
  5. The control of the league and its management, including time and place of play for each division, shall be entrusted to the Executive of the league.
  6. Only Executive members shall have the right to vote at Executive meetings of the league, and each member shall have one vote.
  7. The Executive shall reserve the right to fill any vacancies that may occur in its number.
  8. Players, coaches, or managers, actively engaged or participating and who comply with Article III,3), may be eligible to serve on the elected executive of the league. Male coaches may participate but they will not be allowed to vote.



  1. Shall preside at all meetings of the League Executive and General Membership. In all cases, the President shall abstain from voting from the chair, except in the event of a tie, where she will cast the deciding vote. She shall assign and supervise other duties to other executive members. Some of their duties are:
  2. Membership registrations
  3. Insurance Renewal
  4. School Permits
  5. Organize meetings- make agendas
  6. Keep all books, papers, records and documents of the league
  7. Type and send out all correspondence, as requested, to the vices


  1. Shall act as spokesperson on behalf of her division with concerns and suggestions. Perform such duties as may be assigned to her.  Some of their duties are:
  2. Make Schedules
  3. Make contact list
  4. Help organize equipment


  1. Shall maintain an accurate record of the proceedings of the league.
  2. Distribute minutes to Executive Members as soon as they are completed.
  3. Perform such duties as may be assigned to her.
  4. Maintain an up-to-date record of the Constitution and By-Laws.


  1. Shall maintain and distribute an accurate record to the Executive and League Committee members, of all monies received and distributed by the league.
  2. Prepare and submit a proposed and final budget for approval by the Executive.
  3. Deposit all funds with a recognized financial institution.
  4. Make certain all cheques are signed by at least two of the three Executive members who have signing authority.
  5. Make certain that all disbursements are made with the approval of the Executive.
  6. To perform such duties as may be assigned to her.


  1. Keep score sheets of all games for the league.
  2. Keep vices and teams informed of defaults and letters sent.
  3. Monitor signatures on score sheets and report discrepancies.
  4. Perform duties as may be assigned to her.
  5. Ensure there are enough self addressed stamped envelopes and scoresheets for the matches, in either the lockers or bins where the referees obtain their needed equipment for the games.
  6. Keep stats of their division weekly and email them to the website coordinator to post on the website.


  1. Keep an up to date record of the standings for all divisions in the league on the website
  2. Keep the members educated of upcoming events, deadlines such as registration, general meetings, game cancellations, volleyball clinics, tournaments…


  1. Should have a knowledge of the rules of the game. If there is no one in the league who is willing to assume the position, then, and only then, can someone from outside the league be asked to perform these duties. She may vote at Executive meetings only if she is a member of the league.
  2. Assign officials to the league matches
  3. Provide officials with rules specific to the ladies league.
  4. Inform the league, at the General Meeting in September, of any rule changes.
  5. Act as liaison person with the officials as to problems and concerns.
  6. Perform duties as may be assigned to her, if a member of the league.
  7. Prepare invoices at month’s end for officials to be paid, and forward same to Treasurer for payment.


  1. Attend all meetings of the league and to perform such duties as may be assigned to her.
  2. Serve as an advisor to the Executive.
  3. Preside over meetings when the President is absent.


  1. Act as liaison person for her team.
  2. Attend all General Meetings called by the executive. If she is unable to attend, she must assign an alternate from her team to act as spokesperson.
  3. ALL teams MUST have at least ONE representative at each meeting. If not, said team will lose TWO POINTS from league standings for each meeting missed.


  1. Attendance of 50% or more is required for a quorum at all Executive meetings.
  2. The league shall hold two General Meetings; one at the beginning of the season and one at the conclusion of the season.
  3. All those present and currently listed on a League signed roster may vote at General Meetings.
  4. Amendments may be made after written notice of motion has been received in the league mailbox at least one week prior to the meeting.
  5. Constitutional Amendments will only be accepted at the General Meeting at the conclusion of the season.


  2. President’s Call to Order
    2. Minutes of the last general meeting
    3. Treasurer’s Report
    4. Amendments to the Constitution (end of season only)
    5. Amendments to the By-Laws
    6. General Business
    7. Election of Officers (end of season only)
    8. Seating of new Executive
    9. Adjournment
    1. Minutes of the last Executive meeting
    2. Business Arising from previous minutes
    3.Treasurer’s Report
    4. General Business
    5. Adjournment


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